Kylie Lip Gloss Review 

Hey Goldens , I’m back this week with a review on the Kylie Lip Gloss that recently came out. As shown above I purchased the shade Posie K to match my lip kit . The glosses are $15 ea. before shipping and the lip kits are $29 ea. before shipping. 

Packaging- The lip gloss comes inside a black box with a sweet note from Kylie . The box is big enough to fit your items , receipt , a note from Kylie , and padding to protect the product. 

Quality- The gloss is buildable as it is not too thick nor too sheer. The formula is very rich and pigmented. You instantly get a pop of color when you apply the product on. The lipgloss is not sticky like other glosses ; its creamy and light weight. I think this gloss is perfect for every skin tone because it’s not too bright but not too neutral , it’s a perfect combination of both. I can see myself wearing this gloss everyday because it’s simple and very natural looking. 

Application- Kylie’s first glosses had received backlash due to the brush applicator. The brush in the past was too big and was flimsy. I can see that Kylie improved the quality of the brush as it has a firm stiffness too it that allows for just the perfect amount of application. As far as how I apply the lipgloss, I either line my lips with the lip liner and then fill in the gloss ; or line my lips, apply the liquid lipstick, and then apply the gloss for a long lasting color and a good pigment. 

I hope this has helped you all gather your thoughts on whether or not to purchase the lip kit or the lip gloss. I personally love the packaging and the items. I can see that a good amount of effort was put into the product because it really shows when wearing it. 

Until next time Goldens, xoxo! 

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