Too Faced- Sweet Peach First Impression

As some of you may or may not know the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette launched this past spring and everyone was in a frenzy to get it. Personally I am embarrassed to say that I was unaware of its launch until this past fall. When I seen the gorgeous swatches I knew that this palette had to be mine! Idk about any of you but when I want something I cannot get my mind off of it until I find it. I found out that the palette was coming back out in December and I patiently awaited its arrival. I was so happy that Jerrod Blandino made tons for everyone for the second launch. I was able to snag mine at Ulta and was able to get 20% off because I was a rewards member. *seriously if you all have not already, sign up for Ulta and Sephora rewards because you will receive reward member only offers!* 

I am in love with this palette. All of the colors are georgeous . I did notice that  I did have to swatch the lighter colors two or three times more than I had to with the darker colors. The color Bellini is my favorite !!!! That color is the most pigmented in my opinion. 

The palette has a great variety of shimmer and matte shades that are very natural as well. I notice most people tend to stray away from bold color palettes because their not as practical. This palette is very practical . Just by looking at it I can see myself grabbing it for a night out, class, work, etc. There are endless possibilities for this palette . If I were you I would snag it before it’s gone ! 

Have any of you picked up the palette? If so, how are you liking it? Let me know if you all want to see a post with a few looks from this palette. 

Until next time, xoxo – Golden! 

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