Bob Cut Review (The RBexperience) 

(Disclaimer: All opinions are mine) 

Welcome back Goldens! Today I wanted to speak on a hair appointment that I had with Mrs. Ronnita Huff (@therbexperience). She is a Houston hair stylist, you may remember when I blogged about her back in August when she made a sew in on a cap for me. The sew in on a cap is her signature style that she provides for customers . 

Since the sew in on a cap was so good I was able to re-use it for another installation. This time I wanted to try a bob cut look . I tried this style last winter from another stylist ,and it did not come out as I would have liked ,but I wanted to try it again because I had seen the great work that Mrs. Ronnita has done via Instagram. 

I was going for a blunt cut bob (even all around). The hair originally was two 18 inches and one 20 inch long . 

I not only went in for the install (included a wash)($60) and a bob cut ($30), but also a trim ($12)on my natural hair. She washed/ conditioned my hair first, blow dried my hair, trimmed it, braided it, installed the cap, and did the bob cut. 

I was in the shop at most an hour in a half. Mrs. Ronnita is known for her quick service and that is exactly what I received. The time also flew by because of the great conversation that we had. Whenever I go in to Mrs. Ronnita’s shop she always is loving and gives great advice. Some stylists tend to not want to teach their clients because they want more service from them , but it is obvious that Mrs. Ronnita cares about her customers and wants them to be educated about their hair care. 

 I also love that she is always finding a way to reinvent herself . She is the first stylist that I have seen that has a backdrop and ring light set up for before and after pictures. She also has done numerous of hair shows and fashion shows to add to her resume and she does not intend to stop there. I love how she is adding a modern touch to the word stylist. She is a true visionary that is making a name for herself in Houston. 

Thank you all for check in to read another review about the awesome Ronnita Huff! If you wish to make an appointment download theRBexperience app in the app store! 

The hair that I am using is the Peruvian body wave from elite hair. They are Houston based but also have a website ( . You can follow them on Instagram @elitehair. They are always having amazing deals on their hair so make sure to check them out as well. 

See you all in my next post , 😘! 

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