The Wonderful Wonders of Dr. Bronner’s !

Hey Goldens! 

Today I want to talk about a product that has multiple uses which is a plus for me! I’m not sure if you all have been introduced to this lovely soap, so let me let you know the wonderful wonders of Dr. Bronner’s .

This soap comes in multiple scents (the lavender scent is shown in the image above) . I am not sensitive to smells but this soap has a very light scent to it, so that it smells great without being overbearing . 

It is a foaming soap which I personally like but this may be a (-) for you based off of preference. 

*If you have sensitive skin then I would ask a doctor first before using because the scent and any of the ingredients may be harmful towards your skin*. 

The 16 oz is about $8 -12 and can be found at HEB, Urban Outfitters, and Target. The soap also comes in a larger size which is around $12-16. If you want to try it out before committing to a large quantity, Target sells mini travel sizes for around $1-5. The cheapest I’ve seen the soap is at HEB (besides the travel mini’s), so if you can get it there then do so. Personally I’ve had the 16oz. for a while now, and even after using it in the shower and for other things I mention, I still have a good amount left. A little goes a long way with this soap! 

 Makeup Remover : 

I tested this buddy out when I wanted to remove a full face of makeup one night and I was extremely pleased with the results. After just one – two wipes my face was erased of majority of the makeup I used. 

** I used the product to remove my eye makeup and that was a BIG NO NO! The ingredients within this product made my eyes burn like fire ,and I had to constantly rinse with water to get rid of the sting, so I only recommend using this to remove face makeup.**

Body/ Face

This soap has become a game changer when it comes to my new shower routine. Were all friends here (but a little T.M.I), so I’m going to explain how I know this soap works good with cleaning all of the dirt from your skin. I’ve always used it when in the shower but one day I wanted to soak in the tub and I used the soap to cleanse…when I tell you the entire tub was full of dirt I could not believe it! I shower/bathe everyday and I was shocked by how much dirt came off of my body. The next day I used a different body wash just to compare and the amount of dirt was extremely minimal compared to the night before. I guess it’s safe to say that this is going to be my go-to soap for cleansing because after that experience I cannot trust another brand! 

I do like to use this product as a face wash although I’m not to keen on it getting in my eyes . I have used my Foreo Luna with a small dab of the soap and the amount was enough to cleanse my entire face. I rinsed the soap off without any getting in my eyes, so I would recommend using this as a face wash . 

I also use this product to lather before I shave and it leaves my skin soft and bump free! 

Makeup Brush Cleaner 
I wanted to try this out on my makeup brushes to see if this could also be a holy grail in that area too. The results were good ,but I did not like how harsh the soap was on my brushes. Some of my brushes were somewhat stiff and not fluffy after washing, so I will stick to using the johnson and johnson baby wash on them (which I highly recommend because the soap is very gentle and leaves my brushes feeling really soft!) .

Other Uses…

The things listed above are what I typically use Dr. Bronner’s for but there are endless things you can do with this soap! 

Also the soap comes in bar form and the brand sells other products like toothpaste as well! You should definitely check their products out , you won’t regret it! 

Until next time Goldens , xoxo! 

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