My Fav Makeup Brushes

Do you tend to reach towards a certain brush that you can’t get enough of ?  I know I do! I wanted to share my favorite brushes with you all on today’s post. 

From top to bottom: 

Sigma Flat Kabuki F80 brush – I use this brush for BB cream/ foundation . It blends well and leaves an even finish. The bristles on this brush are super soft and thick. I do experience a tiny bit of shedding but nothing to worry for. 

Elf Small Tapered Brush – I am obsessed with how awesome and cheap this Elf brush is. I use it for highlight but you can also use it for dusting away powder and applying blush. The bristles are super soft,it’s crazy, and so far I have not experienced one bit of shedding. I recommend elf if your starting your makeup collection because the brushes are just as , or even better, than high end brushes. 

Japonesque Angled Brush – This brush and I go way back to my freshman year in college . I’ve had it ever since because it gets the job done! I use it to fill in my brows. I love how small and stiff the bristles are. I really can get an even and precise line with this brush. Definitely a holy grail!

Anastasia Blending/Flat shader brush – I primarily use the blending side of this brush but the flat shaded side is just as awesome. The blending end is not as soft and tends to shed, but it really helps blend harsh lines ,and the flat shader side is great because it’s small enough to precisely cover the eyelid for shadow. Unfortunately this brush only comes with the ABH palettes (if you do decide to pick up one I suggest the Modern Renaissance), but I would want to try out their blending brush that’s sold separately because the quality looks better . 

Anastasia #20 brush – This is another holy grail brush that I have had since freshman year of college. I can’t do my brows without this brush. The spooley end helps brush out the hairs, and the flat end helps with precicely highlighting around the brows with concealer . I have not experienced any shedding with this brush. I recommend purchasing this brush if you like to highlight your brows. 


I hope this post has allowed you all to find out more about the brushes I like to use . If you decide on picking up any of these brushes or already own them, let me know. And if you like these type of favorites posts then let me know as well. Until next time, xoxo! 

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