One Jacket 4 Options ! 

Idk about where you all live, but here in Texas the weather has been off and on. One day it’s cold, then windy, then hot. I literally can’t keep up! So that’s why I wanted to style a jacket four ways for the cool weather. 

The Blnk Nyx Moto jacket I’m featuring in today’s post is one that I picked up from Nordstrom during their Anniversary Sale (If available I’ll link below). I chose this jacket to feature because it’s the perfect winter accessory that is great for dressing up or down. The silver hardware makes it look edgy and expensive . The quality is great, this will not be a piece that will decay after a few wears. I would recommend sizing up if your looking for a loose fit because it is snug (I’m wearing a small for reference).

Look One- Simple

I love how this jacket is a statement piece, in that you can easily wear your favorite tank or v-neck under and your good to go! I love pairing the jacket with a black v-neck because its very simple and  chic without looking lazy . I picked up my v-neck from target (I pretty much get all my basic tees from there, their soft, come in a lot of colors, and affordable!)

Look Two- Retro 

I know the fall is not upon us anymore but that doesn’t mean you can’t sport a few fall styles while it’s still cool out. This look reminds me of the 70’s for some reason and I’m so for it! All you would need is a good pair of bell bottoms and your good to go! 

I love how this burnt orange turtle neck compliments the brown in the jacket. This is another simple and effortless pairing that dresses up the jacket without requiring too much work! This turtle neck is super thin which is great for Texas weather because it gets hot QUICK! I picked it up from Anthropologie on clearance, but I’ll link one below that would be a great pairing as well.

Look Three: Hipster 

If you live in colder states then this option is great for you. Although this jacket can be snug I was able to manage fitting a flannel underneath without the jacket being tight. I also paired the target v-neck under the flannel for extra warmth. The flannel’s colors balances the brown in the jacket and gives off a relaxed look. I would pair this would a nice pair of dark wash skinny jeans and my white hightop converse to finish it off. 

Look Four: Snuggle Bunny 

For this last look I really wanted to vision a really cold and windy day where I would want to be anywhere but outside. I’m sure we’ve all had one of those days and this scarf is the best relief. I picked up this eyelash infinity scarf from urban outfitters and I just want to fall asleep whenever I wear it . It’s thick enough to keep you warm and EXTREMELY soft! The green in the scarf look great with the jacket and is big enough to cover the front opening so you can throw on your favorite tee and this scarf and keep it moving. 

I like to wear dark wash jeans with this jacket, just a personal preference, but light wash jeans would be great as well. The jeans I’m wearing are from Nordstrom and are the brand Hudson. These were a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale purchase as well, so if its still available I will link below. If you can get your hands on a pair of Hudson jeans then you should consider purchasing them. The quality is supurb, I love how they snatch everything into place while also being stretchable and soft as well. Their definitely one of my favorite purchases. 


Moto Jacket 

Target v-neck Tee 

Turtle neck (This one is a mock neck from urban outfitters that is black , that will look just as good with the jacket.)

Urban outfitters flannel On sale for $19.99 (I’m wearing an urban renewal flannel from Urban Outfitters , which is not online ,so I linked a similar flannel from Urban.)  

Urban outfitters scarf On sale for $19.99  

Hudson jeans 

I hope you all have enjoyed today’s post. Let me know if you would like to see more post like this in the future ! 

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