Is ZAFUL a scam? 

Have any of you all heard of Zaful? It’s a Chinese online clothing store that sells a variety of clothing that’s inexpensive. A lot of people have had bad experiences with the shop ,but mine on the other hand went well, so today’s post is going to be about the item I bought and my overall satisfaction with the brand. 

I’ve been eyeing a pair of leggings on Pinterest but I’m the type of person that’s skeptical of ordering from brands that I’m unaware of. Months went by and I noticed the leggings were on sale for $12, so I clicked the link from Pinterest, made an account, and proceeded to checkout. I was able to use a discount code from their Instagram, and without being a member for only five minutes I had redeemable points for my order. The order came out to be $9 and some change after tax and shipping charges. 

When I received the tracking number I was confused with how to track the package but once I figured it out I was able to see all movement the package made. It took the package ten days to get to my location and came USPS. 

The package was sealed tightly and the leggings did not have any damage to them. I ordered a size small (should’ve ordered a medium) and the leggings were stretchable and comfortable. Although the brand is cheap the material was soft and not itchy at all. 

I wore the leggings to the gym and they were great to workout in. I was able to bend, squat, and comfortably sit in the leggings. 

Overall I’m satisfied with my purchase. The only problem I may have with them is to remember to wear the right underwear , lol! Other than that I love the leggings and look forward to wearing them more and more in the future. For the price and brand that it is I admire the quality. I’m not sure how long they will last but as of now I’m satisfied . 

If you have any questions about this online shop or wish to discuss your purchase(s) from this shop fill free to leave a comment! Talk to you in my next post. 

Details- Sports Bra (Victoria Secret), Leggings (Zaful), Bracelets (Pandora & Alex and Ani), Choker (Stargaze Jewelry) 

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