Lip balms for cold weather 

Don’t let the word Texas fool you. The occasional cold and dry days have tore my lips up. I literally can’t take it anymore (immediately books flight to Cabo). I rounded up my three lip balms I’ve been using throughout the season . 

Eos – Eos is my all time fav lip balm that I constantly repurchase because of how good it is. I like how it’s buttery and moisturizing, the moisture does not last long, but it leaves the lips soft and ready to take on the cold. 

Bag Balm– This lip product is a new fav. I recently purchased this from urban outfitters . The reviews on urban and Amazon was beyond amazing so I had to give in. The consistency is thick and has a medicinal smell . If your sensitive to smell this may not be the balm for you, but it does not bother me at all. The great thing about this balm is that it was made for severely cold climates so here in Texas I’m set! I love that I can use this for my hands, feet, elbows, ankles, knees… okay, basically my whole body! The small tin is great to have in your bag for on the go application, so you have no excuse to be ashy or chappy! 

Rosebud SalveThis is my least fav out of the bunch but it does a decent job. I picked this up at Ulta just to try and it has lasted me a long time . I love that this is portable because it’s slim and easy to keep in your pocket or a purse. The thing that bugs me about this balm is that I have to constantly keep applying it to maintain moisture. Unlike the eos , whose moisture fades and leaves your lips feeling pleasant, this one leaves my lips dry and I constantly have to keep reaching for it. I’m pretty sure this is good for the company but not for me. 

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