Pre(sham)poo Method 

I hope you all aren’t weirded out my the title of this post. Well I’m sure if your reading this then your either not weirded out or want to know more about what “pre-pooing” is. So basically a pre-poo is something that is done before washing your hair. This method helps with restricting shampoo from stripping your hair of its natural oils, and leaves your hair soft and shiny after shampooing. This term is commonly used in the natural hair community but the method can be used by anyone. Having dry hair for me is a big no no , so when I read about this method I began incorporating it into my wash routine. 

There are several different pre-poo products that you can buy but I simply use any oil (currently coconut oil) and honey. I use as much as I need to evenly coat all of my hair and I tie my hair in a bun for about 30 minutes to an hour before washing. I want to make sure that my hair absorbs all of the mixture before I shampoo. 

This method has really helped my hair become more soft, manageable, and shiny. Also it’s easy for me to detangle my hair after washing because my hair is softer. I highly recommend you all try this method out. It has worked wonders for me and I hope it does for you. Until next time , muah! 

7 thoughts on “Pre(sham)poo Method 

    1. Thanks hun! I think you can maybe opt out to use Castor oil as an alternative. There’s also products that Shea moisture sells that you can use for pre poo. Also if you have a Pinterest you can search pre poo and find other mixture combos.

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      1. Thanks for the suggestions, I’ve heard a lot about the pre-poo method, think I will give it a try. At least, I’ve got honey 🙂 just need to substitute the oil will. Thank you!

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