ABH Lip Palette Review 

As you can tell I am a Anastasia Beverly Hills lover! Absolutely anything the brand comes out with I’m down to purchase. The lip palette that recently launched in January had everyone head over heels for the colors, pigmentation, new formula, and endless custom lip combinations . 

I am, like everyone else, absolutely in love with this palette. It’s not a surprise that I believe that the company has done yet another awesome job at making a product that is very versatile. 

From top to bottom : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 8, 10, Primary 3 , 12, 13

One of my main things that drew me to this palette was that the colors that are already made into the palette are gorgeous by themselves! All of the colors that I’ve wanted , but could never find the right match for are in this palette. For example , for the longest time I’ve been on the hunt for a pinky mauve color that would look great on my skin tone, that would be an awesome everyday lip color, and the number’s 2 & 5 in this palette are just that. Oh, and don’t get me started on the purple shade (number 9), it’s absolutely stunning without being too out there. 

This palette is definitely WOC friendly. 

4,5, Primary 4
Primary 5

(Check out my YouTube video to see the lip combos I came up with while using this palette.)

The new formula is another aspect of this palette that I picked up on immediately when trying on one of the shades. I loved the old formula but this new formula is AMAZING! It’s very light and moisturizing. I don’t think a brand can top this formula. Anastasia definitely out did themselves. After an entire day of wear of the product it was still pigmented , light on the lips, and not drying. You completely forget that your even wearing it. 

As far as the packaging I like the clear top so that you can peer into which shades your looking for and I love the spatula lip brush , it’s not flimsy at all. Also I’m glad she added in the mixing tray, because that comes in handy for mixing the shades as well as using for other makeup use. The price for this palette is great for all that comes with it ($46 = $2.50 a shade , not counting the mixing tray ). 

I’m not sure if this is a limited edition but I do recommend getting your hands on one. You will not regret it. The palette is  online at Anastasia, Ulta , and Sephora and will be in stores on March 15th. This palette is labeled vol.1 so I’m not sure if any future palettes are in the works, but if their anything like this one you can bet to see another review from me . 

Until next time, muah! 

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