Favorite Mac Lipsticks ATM 

As a woman of color (WOC) it is hard for me to find lipsticks that aren’t too bright for my skin tone. I wanted to mention some MAC favorites that I’ve been loving lately that I feel is great for any skin tone but especially for my WOC readers. 

Del Rio is a gorgeous plum color that really compliments my skin when I wear it. It’s not too deep for only nighttime and not too bright for my skin tone, so it’s the perfect everyday color of me. 

Velvet Teddy is neutral color that I like to pair with a dark lip liner. I don’t feel comfortable wearing this alone without a lip liner. I would say that this is my least favorite of all the shades I will mention but it’s a gorgeous color for anyone. 

Creme in your coffee has to be my HOLY GRAIL! Just talking about this color makes me want to buy like 20 of them to stock up on, because it’s the perfect flirty pink color and an everyday color for me. This shade is definitely something I like to keep in my makeup bag becuase it goes with every outfit because it’s so simple. 

Touch is my favorite nude for WOC becuase it’s not too dark. I feel that some companies assume that nudes for WOC need to be literally dark brown. I don’t get this feeling with this shade. I love the creamy texture and how it easily blends perfectly with any lip liner I pair with it. Definitely a must have. If your a lighter skin tone I dont suggest this as a nude , but it will look great as an everyday shade to wear.

I like Whirl more than velvet teddy but I will need a lip liner for it because it is a brighter pink compared to “creme in your coffee” , which is a sheer pink. I do feel that this is the perfect lightly bold pink for WOC . 

Have you all purchased any of these? What are your MAC lipstick suggestions? 

Thank you all for reading and I will talk to you all in my next post, muah! 

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