Heatless Hair Tutorial- Bantu Knot Curls 

Hey, Goldens today I’m posting the second heatless hair tutorial in my hair series. This tutorial is bantu knot curls. I don’t usually do bantu knots on my curly hair but I love how they came out on my straight hair. 

Step 1: Divide hair into four sections (or more, the more sections the more defined the curls will be, but I did four sections for a looser curl look), twist hair, and tie around in a bun. Secure the bun with a bobby pin or a rubber band. Repeat for all three sections. 

Step 2: Tie hair up with a satin rag, bonnet, or lay on a pillow over night. In the morning, lightly undo the bantu knots. 

Step 3: Do not comb or brush out hair, lightly separate strands and shake hair to loosen the curls. 

Step 4: Style as desired. I pinned the top part of my hair with bobby pins and wore the rest down. This look would look great in a ponytail as well. 

Thanks for stopping by. Make sure to like, follow, and share. Talk to you all in my next post, muah! 

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