Pantene Gold Series First Impression

I was lucky enough to be sent some free goodies from Pantene by Influenster. The new Pantene Gold Series hair care line is dedicated to African American hair. 

I tested out these products recently so I wanted to give my first impression opinion to you all. When using these products I did not deep condition or do a L.O.C method because I wanted to see how the products performed on their own. 

The Pantene Gold Series does include more products than what I will mention, so I will just go over the products that were sent to me. 

*All product perks: moisture, smell, and slip.*

First things first, the shampoo. Initially I was pretty nervous when I seen that the shampoo did contain sulfate and it lathered but once I used it I was amazed. Sulfate is not good on the hair but this shampoo has a light lather and was still moisturizing. After rinsing, my hair felt clean and soft. 

Second, the conditioner was one of my favorite things from the products because of its amazing slip and how easy I was able to detangle my hair. The conditioner did not contain any sulfate so it was extra rich in moisture. I also noticed that I had less hair shedding when I detangled my hair. I did have to go into the conditioner more to cover as much of my hair as I wanted but it was worth it. I also used this baby as a leave in when I applied the butter creme. 

Lastly, the butter creme was amazing because it coated my hair well and sunk into my hair nicely. I noticed that my hair did not drip as much as it normally does when I apply a product, and I’m sure that’s because my hair was absorbing the butter creme well. 

I used the butter creme in combination with the conditioner as a leave in to do four braid outs over night. Once I woke up I seperated the braid outs, shook my hair, and picked it out a little to add definition. My curls were soft and manageable than ever before. I also noticed that the curls were more defined and I had less frizz with my front curls compared to how they usually be. 

Con: I would like Pantene to eventually make larger sizes of the shampoo & conditioner because I can see myself using up the products within a month or less. 

Overall I love the products and I feel that they do cater to black hair and Pantene did an amazing job with celebrating our culture with this line. I look forward to trying out the rest of the collection and repurchasing these pieces in the future. 

Have you all tried out this line? If so, how did you like it, let me know in the comments. Talk to you all in my next post, muah! 

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