My Top 4 Summer Makeup Tips

What better way to take in the last few weeks of summer than to soak up the sun for a shoot. I recently linked up with my girl Rai and we did another amazing shoot by the pool. If you haven't already, go check out my last post I did with Rai. It was an arcade shoot that turned out just as amazing as this shoot. Make sure to follow her on Instagram @shotbyrai for more of her beautiful work.

So let's get to today's topic- Summer Makeup Tips. Due to living in a hot and humid environment most of my life I've always tried to stray away from putting on makeup, if I'm planning to be outside for a while, especially in the summer time. So that is why I wanted to share these tips for those of us who want to enhance our looks without having to feel nervous about the heat.

I wanted to talk about tips I like to use for summer makeup because they've actually helped me when doing this shoot with Rai.

#1. Always try to opt for transfer resistant/ waterproof makeup. These type of items will help so that your face won't melt off and so that you can look and feel good.

#2. Try to use products with sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. The better we protect our skin now the better we'll look when we're 50, lol. But still protect your skin when your 50 as well , haha.

#3. Use less makeup than you normally would. Since it's hot and you most likely will sweat you don't want to have a cakey face full of makeup. Try to keep everything light (bb cream, concealer).

#4. Don't forget your glow! I love to highlight, but in the summer it's a must. Apply your favorite highlight so when the sun kisses your skin you'll have that effortless glow.

I hope that these tips help you all. I also like to use these tips year round because here in Texas it will get hot in a minute. I wanted to keep it short and straight to the point but let me know if you all want more of my tips as well as in depth makeup that works well with the summer heat. Also tell me what are you alls tips on how to maintain a beat face in the summer. Talk to you all in my next post, muah!

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