3 Products I Use When Wearing a Protective Style 

My sister recently slayed my hair with box braids as a protective style for this fall. I really want to start protecting my hair more for growth. While I’m keeping it protected I’m using some products that will help with the growing process as well as making the style last longer. 

Castor Oil – Castor Oil is great for hair growth and thickness. I love using this when my natural hair is out but this is a must when having a protective style becausebyou get the extra benefit of your hair growing with your hair being protected , as well as using the castor oil which will in turn make for more hair growth.  

Grease / Scalp Conditioner – I love using the Blue Magic Organics brand for scalp conditioning because they mix amazing products for your hair into one grease like consistency for a super cheap price. Currently I’m finishing the Castor Oil container which has 100% pure Castor Oil , Shea Butter, and Aloe Vera in it, and I also picked up the Super Sure Gro container as it helps with hair growth. The Super Sure Growth container includes Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, and Japanese Green Tea Leaves. 

Dry Shampoo- I have yet to pick up a dry shampoo.  I really have not tried one out to give an opinion on which one is best, but I know using one will help for the protective styles that are hard to wash like box braids. When having a protective style you don’t want dandruff to build up so a good dry shampoo may help with that.

Are you planning to do a protective style or do you already have one? What are your favorite products to use while wearing a protective style ? 

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