It Cosmetics CC Cream is not WOC Friendly 

The It Cosmetics CC Cream is very popular in that it has great reviews of its coverage and being light weight. It has great benefits of sun protection as well. Before purchasing products I like to do my research so I looked up and saw a few YouTube videos of people testing out the cc cream when it only had one shade for darker women. The reviews were good in all areas besides the shade component. 

Being a darkskin woman can have its challenges, and finding the right shade of makeup is definitely one of them. I was so excited to see that the brand had added a new darker shade to its collection, so I ordered it in hopes that it would work well. Unfortunately it did not. 

The shade was light when first applied but began to blend into my skin well but still gave me a white cast look. I even tried to apply powder over it but it did not do any justice. The sunscreen could be the reason why I am having this issue, but no other women of light complexion (that I’ve seen) seems to have that issue. So this only leaves me with the idea that the brand did not do a good job in the shade range and color for darker women. 

Luckily Ulta has a great return policy to where I can return the item although I used it as long as it’s at least 50% full and I have proof of purchase. 

I don’t recommend this for WOC because of the brand only allows two shades for darker complexion and those shades are not good matches from what I’ve seen in videos and when I tested the deep shade on myself. 

Ulta also has the product in stores for you to test out for yourself. Nonetheless I love the benefits that you receive from the product but I do wish that there was more shades that catered towards WOC. 

What are your thoughts on this ? What are your favorite cc or bb creams. 

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