How to GLOW Better 

Have you ever heard of the term #highlightpoppin? Well if you haven’t , it references to a very blinding highlight. In order to blind people you need to have a pigmented highlight and a technique that will have the sun praising your cheek bones.

Highlight is my favorite part of my makeup routine because it allows me to go a tad bit over board to make my face glisten like heaven. I love it so much I actually have my favorite tools, glow kit, and technique that I want to discuss with you all in this post. 

Tools: No, were not talking about your dads wrenches in the kitchen drawer , were talking about the tool that will grace your face with that glisten you need to bounce off your face when the light hits it. 

  • Elf Small Tapered Blending Brush : this is my favorite tool to use to highlight because the bristles are extremely soft and structured to give me that extra bam that a fan Brush does not do. With a fan brush I feel like my highlight gets stuck in one line across my face but with this brush my highlight blends seamlessly and looks effortless and natural. 

Glowkit: My favorite glowkit , by no surprise is Sundipped by Anastasia Beverly Hills. You get 4 highlight shades for $40 (basically $10 a shade) that are almost half the size of your hand. The shades in this glowkit are pigmented, buttery soft, and apply very seemlessly. Some highlight are can be chalky which is not good for a natural glow but this kit is nothing but the best. 

Technique: I like to use a specific technique when I apply my highlight. Don’t worry this won’t be nothing like college algebra, so it will be simple to copy. 

  1. Dampen Brush– I like to damp my brush so I can get that extra glow but this is totally optional, especially if your going for a natural and settle look. If you do choose to dampen your brush you can do so with a spray bottle with water or Mario Budescu Rosewater Spray. 
  2. Softly Dip Brush in Pan- I say softly because too much product will lead towards a disaster and you want to gradually build up your highlight not pack it on all at once. 
  3. Blend product onto the tops of your cheekbones, temple, nose, middle of forehead, and chin- This may seem like a lot but you want your face to shine in all angles of the light. You won’t apply as much highlight to place other than your cheek bone and temple , this can be left over product from those areas that you use for your nose, forehead and chin. As for my  cheekbones and temple I like to lightly brush the product onto my cheekbones first and use the excess to blend up towards the tail of my brow. This ensures that you have a nice seamless highlight and not just a straight line of product. 
  4. Spray Face with Setting Spray or Mario Budescu Spray for that extra glisten (optional). 

I hope this was helpful and not too long. This is just my way of getting the best glow but your more than welcome to add or subtract to get the best glow for you. What’s your favorite highlight? Let me know down below. Talk to you all in my next post, muah! 

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