2 Amazing Moisturizers for Oily Skin! 

Us oily skin people tend to forget that we have to moisturize in order to prevent oil control because we want our faces as dry as possible, but the truth is that we need moisturizer just like dry skin people. The key to finding the best moisturizer for oily skin type is for the moisturizer to be oil-free. This will ensure your face great moisture without being oily.

A few post ago I shared two subscription boxes , one from Sephora and the other from Macy’s. They both came with a moisturizer and I’m happy to say that I’m overly pleased with both of them. I’ve been alternating between the two and I can happily say that they both make my face feel soft and moisturized without the pain of oil.

First I would like to share the moisturizer that came in my Macy’s box for this month. It’s the Clinique Moisture Surge moisturizer. This is my favorite out of the two ! I love how moisturized my face feels and immediately after applying my face soaks in the product and leaves my face matte! I usually don’t like to use moisturizer in the morning , only at night, but I love using this both in the a.m. and p.m. because I don’t have that oily skin feeling. If your not oily I think this would still be great for you because it says to be for all skin types and when I looked up reviews plenty people were raving about it ! Don’t let the title fool you , this baby is great for oily skin! Also I love that Clinique offers several size options with different price points so that you can test it out or get the bigger size if your a fan like me.

Next up is the Lotus Youth Preserve Cream. I like that is is fast drying and sinks into my skin but it’s a little more moisturizing than the Clinique option so that’s why it’s my second favorite. I would not opt to wear this in the morning because of its consistency. It is an amazing moisturizer for oily skin type because just like the Clinique it absorbs into your skin and leaves your face feeling fresh, plump, and soft. This option only comes in two size options with two different price points but the smallest size is $17 if you wish to test it out before committing to the large size .

I hope that these two moisturizer options was helpful if your looking for a good moisturizer. Let me know your go to skincare product in the comments below. Y’all to you all in my next post, mush!

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