Current Favorite Perfumes 

If your like me and constantly trying to find that perfect scent that distinguishes from girl to woman then you will love this list of fragrances that I racked up for you guys. Most are recent favorites but their so good that I had to share with you all. So , in no particular order, I present to you my current favorite perfumes.

Giorgio Armani Si– This is my #1 fragrance because it’s so sexy and feminine. It’s not your typical women fragrance with floral accents it’s definitely more spicy but I think you should give it a try. It’s amazing for those date nights or birthday dinners when you want to spice up your outfit with a great fragrance.

Giorgio Armani Sky– As you can tell I’m a lover of Giorgio Armani . This is a recent purchase that I fell in love with. This is more on the floral side compared to the Si fragrance but it’s not too girly. It’s definitely a grown woman floral smell. I would recommend this for work or play . This is definitely a go to everyday fragrance for me.

Vince Camuto Bella– I received a sample of this perfume and I immediately fell in love. Just like the Sky perfume this is playful, floral, yet elegant. This is also a favorite for daytime.

Vince Camuto Ciao – I’m also a lover of Vince Camuto’s fragrances because he seems to get the floral scents just right. I’m not a fan of a super fruity fragrance but I love a good floral smell. Ciao is more sexier than Bella but it can be worn both day and night for me.

Victoria Secret Wicked– I don’t usually look for Secret fragrances to be all that but when I bought a dual ended roller ball with the wicked scent on one side I was immediately in love! This , to me , it similar to the Si where it’s one of those scents where I can just add to a sexy outfit and head out. I love this scent and I definitely recommend for an affordable sexy fragrance.

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