A Week In My Life: Hair Routine

If your a natural girl like me then you know it’s a must to have a routine down for your hair. I’ve learned new things and changed up my routine along the years so I decided to make a post about my current hair routine . I’m not including actual products in this post as I’m constantly trying new products out but I can make a post of my current favorite hair products if you all would like that.

Saturday: Wash Day

I’m starting with Saturday because my week , for my hair, starts on Saturdays because it’s time for a wash. I changed my wash days from Sunday’s to Saturday’s so that I have more time to stretch out my curls before the week starts. The ideal time to wash my hair is the middle of the day so that I can begin stretching as early as possible.

Sunday: Stretch those Curls

Sunday is specifically geared toward stretching because I want them perfect for Monday. I stretch my hair in numerous ways from high and low buns, high bun up top and a low bun on the bottom, braids, etc. stretching is determined by what your desired look is and what your hair likes.

Monday and Tuesday- Style as Desired, Protect at Night

On these two days I just wear my out or what I choose for the day. I make sure to lightly moisturize with water in the morning followed by a oil and/or cream and then head out the door. At night I make sure to protect my hair by putting it in a pineapple and using a satin rag.

Wednesday- Co-wash

Wednesday is about the middle of the week so that it when my hair typically begins to dull a little dull and need some life to it. I’ll co wash in the evening or whenever I’m done with school or practice and then apply L.O.C method and stretch out my hair for the night.

Thursday and Friday- Repeat of Monday and Tuesday

These days I’m just styling my hair as desired since I just recently co-washed and still stretching if need be.

I hope this has helped if your trying to get into a routine for your hair. Also I feel that this helps whether your natural or not . You want to keep your hair moisturizer and protected for growth and healthy hair.

Thank you all for reading and I’ll talk to you all in my next post, muah!

Photos by : Laura Dominguez and Styling by Elizabeth Torvik

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