4A Hair Curl Definition

Naturally curly hair is a blessing but there is struggle within the beauty. My hair in particular tends to get frizzy, so I decided to start incorporating the shingling method into my hair routine in order to get the best curl definition that will last me throughout the week.

Shingling is the act of raking your fingers through small sections of your wet hair with product(s) of your choice. I like to do this on my wash days and afterwards let my hair air dry without touching it for the best results. Once completely dried I will then stretch my curls with a high bun.

As far as products for this method I’ve been experimenting with different products and using only one product at a time. I’ve seen that one product can truly be enough for your hair and I like that because it saves money, time, and product build up in your hair.

I can happily say that since doing this my hair as been more defined, voluminous, and moisturized. I highly recommend you all to test this out to see if it works for you. I really liked my results and I know you all will too.

What methods do you all like to do on your hair ? Thanks for reading, talk to you all in my next post, muah!

Photos by : @fft_photography

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