Holy Grail Hair Products of 2017

Curly hair products are truly trial and error , so when I find an amazing product that works for my curls I love to brag about it. So without further or do here is my favorite hair products of 2017!

Garnier whole blends line – I feel like this line was made for natural hair and I’m so here for it! My hair feels buttery soft and smooth after using their products and I just love the thought that was put into the line. All of the products smell amazing and work wonders for my curls.

Africa’s Best Shea Butter Curls- This has to be THE BEST curling butter I’ve used. It provides so much slip and moisture to my hair. My hair goes from dry to moisturized in just one use from this product. My curls are so bouncy and shiny after using this product, I’m just obsessed ! Need I say more ?! (AVAILABLE AT WALMART I could not find the link online )

Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave in Conditioner– I loved using the masque in this line a while back and I don’t know why I stopped picking it up. I ended up using the leave in conditioner and I love how milky it is and how the texture is really liquidity because it helps with slip and moisture for my hair. Also it costs my strands extremely well when working with other products afterwards. I can’t wait to pick up the masque so I can use both of them together . I’m sure the results will be amazing!

Aussie Moist 3 minute miracle moist – Everyone says deep conditioning is great for your hair and Aussie make the process easier with their amazing buttery conditioner that instantly glides in your hair like butter. My hair is easy to detangle and has so much slip when using this product. Also the price is amazing for the quality of this product!

Garnier Fructis Style Curl Shaping Spray Gel – This product is pretty new to me but just after a small time of using it I knew it was worth of being on this list. My curls last longer without frizz when I use this product. I love how it comes in a spray container because I feel like when I coat my hair with gel I sometimes add too much product and it leaves my hair super crunchy. This helps with controlling how much gel is applied to my hair and only a little is needed. I just spray around my head in four different areas and voila , done! The best part of this spray gel is that it does not leave my hair crunchy! The only thing I like crunchy is my chips, and I’m not planning on eating my hair anytime soon.

I hope you all found this list helpful and give these products a try. Let me know if you plan on purchasing them or if you’ve already tried them out and what you think.

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