How to Get Active & Stay Active in 2018!

So I’m pretty sure everyone’s resolution for this year will be to Get Active , but sometimes it can be hard to do if you don’t have a direct plan . It can also be hard to stay active if you lose track of where your headed, so in celebration of the new year I want to start doing more fitness and health related post on the blog starting with this post. My boyfriend and I will be sharing these posts talking about topics for both men and women so no one will be left out ! Let me know in the comments what you think I should call these posts (motivational Monday’s , Health and Fitness , etc.).

How To Get Active :

  • Start being more mobile With Your Body: Buying gym memberships is great but if you may not have the money to get one or may not see yourself going a lot because of your schedule the easiest thing to do is to walk more. Don’t park directly in front of the store, find a trail near your job or house, walk your neighborhood. These small things sound mediocre but their stepping stones to greater success down the road.
  • Make a schedule : Initially this schedule does not have to be concrete but make yourself accountable to workout at least once a day. Set alarms or get someone to remind you. One day missed can mean a potential fall back which you don’t want .
  • Get out the house : My old coach used to tell my teammates an I to just get out the house over holiday break, because most likely if you get out the house you’ll end up doing some sort of workout .

How to Stay Active :

  • Try different workouts that will excite you : Sometimes the same workouts may cause boredom so try a group exercise class or a different workout that may spark your interests and that will get you pumped to workout!
  • Find inspirational and motivational social media pages: This will give you training ideas and help motivate you to keep going when your feeling discouraged to workout.
  • Make friends or get someone to follow this health journey with you: sometimes it gets hard to train alone and can be discouraging , so when you have someone alongside you motivating you then you’ll be more encouraged to workout .
  • But cute workout clothes : Nothing is better than an excuse to shop , so why not splurge on cute clothes to get you motivated to workout even more!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and continue to like the health and fitness posts to come this new year. Happy New Year. I wish you all nothing but health, wealth, and happiness.

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