Get to Know my Curls

So I’m sure you all know by now but just in case you don’t, I have naturally curly hair and I post a lot of content on my Instagram about my hair routine and what products I use to achieve different looks, but I have yet to explain my hair journey so I decided to write a post explaining my hair story. I do not have any pictures from when I transitioned so most pictures will be current.

When did I get my first relaxer?

I got my first relaxer in fourth grade. My mom was always afraid to put that on my sister and my’s hair, but my grandma said it would be fine so she did it . I was actually happy because I saw my true length and I felt more confident.

When did I go natural?

I went natural around my sophomore / junior year in high school (2012/2013) .

Why did I decide to go natural?

My boyfriend (Dario) thought that I should try it out and see how my hair would be without perms or flat ironing it.

Did I do a big chop or did I transition?

I transitioned because I hated the thought of cutting my hair when I wanted to actually grow it. I went to my hairstylist at the time and he even suggested both options, but I thought it was best to grow it out and just gradually cut my ends as needed.

What styles did I do during my transitioning period?

My aunt knows how to do hair so I wore weave continuously during this time. I would get her to sew my weave in and then take it down after a month or two , let it rest for about a week , and then put the weave back in again. This really helped grow my hair out .

Did you know you had curly hair before you transitioned?

I’m not sure if I knew I had curls but I was natural all throughout my younger years up until I was in fourth grade, and my mom always braided or twisted my hair so I never wore it naturally.

How long did it take me to find the right products for my hair?

It actually took me so long and I used to get really frustrated because I would try so many Pinterest or Instagram looks and they never turned out right. Little did I know that I had to find styles that would work best for my curl pattern. So don’t get discouraged about finding the right products or getting your hair routine down immediately it’s called a journey for a reason so embrace it .

Hope this helped you get to know my curls better . If you have any more questions that was not answered in this post feel free to comment them below, and I can answer them or make a part 2 if there is more than a few questions. Talk to you all in my next post, muah!

2 thoughts on “Get to Know my Curls

    1. Thank you ! Braids are a great way to keep your hands out of your hair and when you wear your hair down the braids should help with mixing your curly pieces with your straight strands. I personally like to use a ton of different products but if I had to narrow it down to my favorites right now but would be the Shea moisture black Jamaican castor oil line and the Garnier whole blends line . I post on my instgram (golden_essential) and pinterst (golden essential) daily my hair styles and products I’m using. Also I recommend to check out products that say for transitioners , I personally have not tried those out but I think you should give it a shot .


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