How to Protect your Curls during the Winter Months

Moisture is the key to your hair when the weather is cold . Just like your skin gets dry during the winter so does your curls , so protecting them with key products will help them just like lotion helps soothe dry skin. In today’s post I wanted to share with you what I use to protect my hair during the cold .

Leave in conditioner: I love using spray bottle leave in conditioners because their so easy to use and most of the time contain all you need for a curl refresher and moisturizer.

  • Aussie moist

Butters : Butters really help protect dry ends and prevent them from splitting. I love using these because my hair stays moisturized all day .

  • Africa’s Best Shea Butter Curls

Oil: Oil is always a go to for me throughout the year but definitely in the winter because my hair can get very dry and a little oil goes a long way .

  • Africa’s Best herbal oil
  • L’Oréal Elvive sunflower oil

4 thoughts on “How to Protect your Curls during the Winter Months

  1. Moisture is key! Because of my low porosity I don’t always refresh my hair with products, so that’s why I make sure to find products that could keep my hair moisturised for days on end without needing to re-moisturise often.

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    1. I recommend trying hair and butters . I use oil and then a thick butter to really coat my hair . For me I don’t have to reuse any butter for a few days . I just may have to refresh my hair with some leave in conditioner in the morning but that’s about it. I recommend getting a spray leave in conditioner because it’s easier to use and it’s better in making sure your getting all parts of your hair.

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      1. I have realised that hair butters don’t really work for my hair as I also have fine to medium strands (mostly fine) so it weighs my hair down, however I discovered a really light hair butter by Anita Grant. Most times I use a light oil, a deeply moisturising leave in cream (for my hair less is more) and I’m good to go. I have some spray leave-in’s but they don’t get much use, they are decent enough but not great. What I do most of the time is to reactivate the prior products with water mid week and then seal with a light oil (but like aforementioned, I can’t do this often) once and that should do till wash day; which is once a week for me.

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      2. Oh okay I have thicker hair so butters work well for me but I would recommend trying products that say for thin hair or along those lines. Those products tend to be lighter and better to work with.


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