4 Easy Outfits for Vday

Valentines is literally the sweetest holiday of the year and what better way to celebrate with a pop of color! I came up with four easy outfits to share with you all for inspo for valentines this year. I personally think these are really simple because it’s literally a top and bottom nothing more like accessories or some crazy printed bottoms .

My tip for a nice outfit would be to grab your favorite pink or floral top and let that be the center of your outfit and form a base around that. When I want to do something simple or I have no clue what outfit to wear I always do this. This way you have a focal point of your look and your just building off of it.

This can be done with your favorite shoes, jewelry, or clutch. Whatever is the statement of the outfit let that be the statement and everything else accentuate it.

What are you going for Valentines Day ? Do you plan on recreate any of these looks ? Let me know in the comments. Talk to you all in my next post, muah !

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