Golden’s Motivational Mondays- Proper Squat Form

This week was a deload week for us where we decreased the amount of sets we did for each exercise but increased the weight. This is great to do after a few weeks of training just to refresh your muscles and body before hitting them hard again the next week.

For leg days we do fairly similar but different exercises for each day. For example Tuesdays are regular squats and Fridays are front squat days. We wanted to share with you all today the importance of squats and also what form to have when doing them.

For what’s shown in the video we did 2 sets of 5 back squats (increasing in weight after first set), and 2 sets of 10 (each leg) split squats, and lastly for the cable thrusts we did 4 sets of 10-12 .

Most people either mainly focus on arms or legs and lack in the opposite area . We like to equally strengthen our whole bodies because it’s good to be proportional.

Why are Squats Important: When your doing regular back squats your targeting your quads as the primary muscles , and your glutes as the secondary muscles.

Proper Form : There are different types of squats (close stance, quarter) but for today we will focus on how to properly do a regular back squat.

  1. Spread feet to a comfortable width for your build/height
  2. Squat down with your chest up and heels planted onto the floor (depending on your height and body structure, you might have to lean forward if your torso is short but your legs (femurs) are long. But if your torso is longer than your legs, try to stay up right and chest big)
  3. Go parallel to where your hip crease is even with your knees (if you can you can go lower but only if your confident in doing so and of course if your build allows you to get lower, try to avoid the “Butt Wink”)

**Avoid the “Butt wink” your lower back will thank you for that. Have someone, or record yourself, and look at your rump as you go into your squat, right before your rump curves in at the bottom position, STOP, don’t go lower than that, if you continue to get lower in your squat, you will be “Butt winking”. Try to avoid it by stopping before your rump curves in, because that will cause lower back problems in the future!!!**

We advise you to not focus so much on the weight you lift when you’re just starting out, and focus on your form because doing weights requires a strict form. If you do not apply the correct form you can have, in this case , back complications and or other problems .

As always we recommend consulting with a physician to ensure your in good health to workout and if need be make sure you have a spotter ( someone behind you as you squat ) just in case you need assistance with coming back up with the weight.

Thanks again for reading and feel free to ask us any questions and/or suggestions for next week’s Motivational Monday post.

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