Makeup Brush Cleaner Hack

Do y’all ever use Pinterest as your personal “google”? I swear Dario always gets mad when I result to Pinterest to look up things other than google, lol. I can’t help myself Pinterest always has the best and most unique answers.

A while back I noticed on Pinterest that someone used Dawn Dish Soap as a makeup brush cleaner and I was shocked! Here I am buying an actual brush cleaner or Dr. Bronners (which works amazingly well but can break the bank), when i could just easily purchase dawn dish soap for cheaper and for more quantity than Dr. Bronners.

I picked up a regular size bottle for around $3-4 dollars at my local H-E-B and decided to test this out for myself.

I noticed that not only did it take just a little bit of soap to get my brushes clean but also makeup stains that I thought would not go away went away when I used this soap! Honestly I hate to admit that I go longer than a week at times before I clean my brushes and it always take me forever to clean them because of all of the product build up. But Dawn has saved my life because with just a few scrubs my brushes were good as new.

I also noticed in the Pinterest post that they used the regular dawn soap but my H-E-B was out so I picked up the green apple scent. I was a little nervous as I did not know it it would perform as well or the added scent would mess up my brushes but NO MA’AM, my brushes were safe and clean!

Have you tried this hack? If not, do you plan on trying it ? Also what brush cleaner were you using before ? Spill the tea honey!

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