3 Tips to Get a Bomb Instagram Feed

For the longest I had struggled with getting the perfect feed for Instagram . I tried so many things, but I have yet to succeed until now. Since I have had a good constant successful feed I now know what it takes to get your feed aesthetically pleasing.

  1. Good Lighting

No matter what filter you put on it or how good you know how to edit the image most likely won’t come out well unless you have good lighting. That means a day out in the sun or any day with a great natural light. I suggest taking tons of images on a good day so that you can rack them up, just in case you don’t have time to take pics or suddenly it begins to rain later in the week. The best tip I can give is to get out the house or if your in the house taking a selfie in front of a window. Trust me you will notice the difference.

2. Stick with a Certain Filter or Editing Style

Adding a certain filter to all of your photos makes them look more cohesive and structured. Obviously some photos may have darker or lighter colors in them so you would have to adjust how much of the filter you want to expose on the image. Also you can play around with the lighting and other blends such as contrast. I edit with one filter and I add or subtract lighting from the image and then warm it up some. I do all of this on the Instagram app. Also if you have an iPhone you can play around with the editing tools on there as well. I have an 8 plus and the editing is really nice.

3. Save your drafts in Instagram

Whether I edit on my phone or through the Instagram app I like to save the edits on Instagram so that way I can see all of the images together and spot out the ones that may need a little more reviewing . This helps so that you can s we if all of your pics blend in well.

These 3 tips have helped me in some many ways I couldn’t imagine and I know that they will help you. They seem basic but they will help.

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