Deva Curl Wash Day Wonder

Deva curl has always been a known brand to me . All of the natural hair influencers rave about their products . I have yet to use Deva Curl until now and I am amazed !

This product gives me so much slip and moisture with just a little use. My hair is thick and curly and it can be hard to detangle on wash days, but not with this ! This detangler gives me so much manageability in order to properly detangle my hair. The formula was so amazing that I was even able to detangle in thick sections.

I like how with this product a little goes a long way because I do not need a ton to cover my whole head. Deva curl is on the expensive side when it comes to natural hair products, so knowing that a little goes a long way makes me want to repurchase in the future. I also only use this once a week so that also helps with making the product last.

What I also like about this product is that it can also work as a prepoo. Prepooing my hair is important to me because I want to make sure that my hair is not being stripped of moisture when I shampoo, so adding a conditioner or an oil is something I always do before I wash. This product acts as a hydrating conditioner which is also another reason why I wouldn’t mind purchasing in the future because you really get two products in one, and as a natural girl the less work and products I have to use the better because wash day can be a pain at times.

You can also watch my entire wash day routine here on my YouTube channel:

Influenster and Deva Curl was kind enough to send me this product for free in order to review but all options are my own.

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