Wash n Go Like a Pro

I typically don’t like to do wash and gos because my curls are tight and they shrink up easily, but I do notice that I have sort of been doing this throughout the week in the morning. Wash and gos are a great wash to add product and moisture to your hair without really “washing” your hair. In today’s post I would like to break down my way in how I “wash and go” my hair in the mornings.

Add Water:

Adding water to your hair is the best way to lock in any type of moisture and to seal product in. Idk about you but when I just apply product straight to my dry hair I have flakes and product buildup. You don’t have to soak your hair just use a spray bottle or put some water on your hands to dampen your hair . Water is a great hydrator for your hair as well.

Use a spray leave in conditioner:

I love using spray leave in conditioners because they are light and provide moisture without the long drying process. I like to literally go after I do my hair , so heavy butters and creams are not what I want to apply in the morning. Their not more of a PM product or wash day product.

Oil Oil Oil :

I cannot stress enough how much oil is important for your hair ! Oil is just as amazing as water is and it’s the perfect product to seal your ends and apply to dry hair . Oil is great to add to wet or dry hair but applying to wet hair is the best!

Hair lotion/milk:

Unlike thick butters and creams , hair lotions and milks help to moisturize the hair while providing slip and a light weight quick drying application. I love using these type of products in the morning because a little goes a long way because of the amount of slip it provides and it does not take long for the product to work into my hair .

I hope this post helped you figure out a way that you can hydrate your hair in the AM without having a long drying time or heavy products. Let me know in the comments below if you would like to read my PM routine for my hair . Talk to you all in my next post, muah!

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