Rajeeyah Sweet Naturals Pt. 2

This week after my wash day I used the Rajeeyah Sweet Naturals Hy-Definition Butter and their Citrus Moisturizer for styling my hair. I attempted to do a flexirod twists out but because I undid the twists wet the definition wasn’t there but this LENGTH….!

So I can tell that the Hy-Definition Butter really helped with 1. moisture because it has been a three days since I washed my hair and I have barely used any oil and spray leave in conditioner. This butte is very thick and creamy. It reminds me of shea butter . Although it’s thick and the moisture is amazing if your not into the greasy-ness and if your hair is thin this may not be for you. BUT if you have drier hair and live in hot /humid environments this will be your fav this summer! Also did I mention the length ? My curls are tight and it gets hard to elongate them without heat but this butter has helped stretch out my hair . I love this fuller/thicker look.

The Citrus Bliss Moisturizer has a ton of slip and adds moisture as well. I like that I can add this to my hair in a rush and it kicks in immediately. My hair is instantly moisturized and tangle free. I really like using this as a leave in conditioner.

I hope you check out Rajeeyah Sweet Naturals and their amazing products ! Have you tried them yet ? What are your favorite curly hair products right now ?

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