Defined Curl Method

When I first became natural I didn’t have a clue what a LOC Method was or what products to use for my curl type . As many naturals do I had to test out different products and do different methods to see what worked best for me. About 2-3 years into my natural journey I stumbled across two products (Shea moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil & Miss Jessie’s Coily Custard) that my mom happened to have in the house. I used only those two products for a beaidout and the results were life changing. I swore to only buy those products for styling because I didn’t know what else could do the job for me.

Years later I began to use different products and different methods as I became used to how to style my hair. The same results came out until recently when’re it seemed like my hair just wast cooperating. So Dario (my boyfriend) suggested to go back to my old ways and i wanted to but the price of buying two high end hair products was really breaking the bank. So I decided to use the same method but different products and see how the results played out .

Really the secret to the madness is to have a gel with ahold amount of slip and a leave in conditioner. I like to use the leave in first and the gel second (opposite of the picture). In the past I used to do about 6-8 braids , so 3-4 on each side of my head, and not braided into the scalp. This week I did about 20+ braids so I can get a more defined look. I would recommend not to do the braids too small in order to avoid frizzing. Next week I’m going to try my old way of doing 6-8 braids and see if I get the same results like in the past.

Overall this method has worked amazingly well for me and my hair stays defined throughout the week. I did keep the braids in for about a day in a half in order to make sure that they are completely dry (extremely important to only unbraid your hair when it’s dry to avoid frizzing). If you wash your hair in the morning and leave it braided all day then you should have to go another day without unbraiding depending on how long and thick your hair is.

Let me know if this was helpful at all in the comments below, as well as ask any questions you may want to know about the products and this method. If you want to see me review a product or try a different method let me know below as well. Thanks for reading! Talk to y’all in my next post, muah !

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