Testing Out New Products

If your a natural I’m pretty sure your obsessed with hair products. I didn’t think I would get sucked in but so many products launch and you feel like you had to try them . Between the smells, benefits, and claims it’s hard not to start stocking up and having an over flow of our favorite products.

I wanted to try out two new products that brands are new to me . I have heard so many good things about the not your mothers Mango line that I knew I needed to eventually try it out . I just picked up their mango butter detangler but I think I’m going to eventually get the combing cream . Also Cantu just launched a new lines called Txtures that also caught my attention.

Not Your Mothers Detangler:

I liked how this detangler smelled very fruity but not overwhelming because it definitely left my hair smelling great throughout the day. The spray bottle was a nice touch because it reminded me of using a spray bottle to wet my hair. This spray top actually really helped to distribute the product throughout the section of my hair. Other spray bottles this shape just shoots out product to one particular part of my hair and not all over.

As far as the detangler itself it was very moisturizing and had skip but I noticed I did have to spray more to get more slip because it was a liquid and not so much of a cream. Another cream detangler I have helps detangle my hair more because my hair is thicker. Although I had to spray more product I did enjoy it and I felt like I was able to get tangles out better with this product . The curl shot above is after I used the detangler with my tangle teezer brush.

Txture by Cantu

In the past I have used Cantu’s Custard and liked it but then I begin to hear about the bad ingredients that Cantu uses in their products so I began to shy away from using their products. This new line Txtures that they have out now at Ulta has been talked about and reviewed by other hair bloggers, so I decided to give it a try.

I chose to pick up the cream product in the line and I really liked the price for the amount of product you get. Also this product has a pump as well which most creams I have used don’t so that was a plus for me. The smell of this cream was great too and lingered in my hair throughout the day and the next day. After my braidout my curls were soft and defined so I knew immediately that I would be using this cream more often. I hope to see more products in this line in the future.

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