Worth the Money or Nah? Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls

If you have seen any of Miss Jessie’s products then you would know that you will have to splurge a little for the brand . I have only tried their coily custard and I do swear by it ! Literally that’s the only cheapish product from the brand , so when my mom told me that they now carry sample packs of some of the products I was too hype !

The sample sizes can be found at Target or H-E-B (from what I know now) or Miss. Jessie’s site.

I decided to pick up the sample size of their pillow soft curls because I have been dying to try this product for their longest but couldn’t get around to paying the price for it .

Here are my thoughts :

  • The product has a great smell but it’s not overwhelming .
  • The slip is AMAZING ! This has to be my favorite part of this product.
  • No white residue or flakiness in my hair
  • My curls are defined and moisturized when using this .
  • Can be used on the go because it does not take long to absorb into your hair or to dry unless your hair is soaking wet.
  • I really like to use this to refresh my curls in the AM or PM .

What’s the Verdict?

I really think that this product is work the money . I would use it sparingly so I would t run out , lol, but I can see myself actually purchasing this because it was really great. My curls were actually soft and stayed soft throughout the day and I loved how bouncy my curls were when I used this.

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