How To: 3 strand twist

So I’ve been in the mood to try new styles because I feel like I’ve been stuck doing braidout and twistouts , so I wanted to try something new and fresh. This week I tried doing a 3 strand twist out for the first time and I love it !

Breakdown :

  1. Take three strands of hair

2. Loop the one closest to your face in front of the other two making that the furthest strand from your face. Then your second strand will be the closest so you do the same thing and keep repeating those steps.

Products Used:

I hope y’all enjoyed this breakdown of how to do 3 strand twists and also the results of this style. I personally love the definition I received from it but with that comes the shrinkage. I’m sure over the course of the week my hair will stretch out so I’m not worried too much.

Let me know if your planning on trying this style out or if you already have and what’s your thoughts about it .

Talk to you all in my next post, muah!

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