Shea Moisture Rehydration Line

Hey Golden’s! I was so impressed by this Rehydration Line by Shea Moisture that I had to do a mini review for you all. This line is apart of the third box I received from being a Sheabassador. These products were given in order to review but all opinions are my own.

My hair has been dry lately due to the sun so my curls needed a little TLC and I’m glad Shea Moisture came in handy ! I haven’t done a hot oil treatment in sooooo long and I honestly forgot how important it is . Doing hot oil treatments every so often really helps with moisture for your hair. As far as masking , I always either do a deep conditioner or a mask after I wash my hair .

Hot Oil Treatment:

  • Comes in a pack of two
  • Says it can last up to 6 uses which I can truly say is true because the one use I did barely made a dent in the product. I did only focus on my ends and scalp and just massaged the rest over my the rest of my hair.
  • My hair felt smooth and looked really shiny once I began to apply the oil. I applied this on dry hair so I really seen how it made a difference.
  • I rinsed with shampoo and my hair still felt so amazingly soft. I forgot the effects of the hot oil treatment and if after using any kind your hair is left soft , but I can definitely say with this one you will feel a difference with your hair.

Rehydration Treatment Masque

  • I love how buttery and thick this product is because it really costs my hair well.
  • I focused this product on my ends first and worked my way up to my scalp and left on for about 5 minutes.
  • I love how the smell smells fresh and natural (not over powering or too sweet).
  • Once rinsed the mask left my hair soft and curls bouncy and defined.

I give both of the products from this line an A because they both delivered and did what they claim to do. My hair’s moisture really went up a notch after using these two products in my wash routine. I can’t wait to continue to use these items more for a quick moisture boost. Have you tried any of these products ? If so, which one ? Did you like it for your curls ?

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