Favorite Wash n Go Products

I don’t usually do wash n go styling on my hair because of shrinkage but I do like to wet my hair in the morning and apply product to fresh’n up my curls.

Even second day hair can be tough to bounce back from first day hair so for my second day hair I applied a leave in spray conditioner just to dampen my hair , you can substitute this for water. Then I applied the next two products that really helped bring life back into my hair by making my curls shiny, bouncy, and defined.

Africa’s Best Shea Butter Curls:I’m sure I spoke on this product a few times before but just in case if I have not then I totally recommend this product! My hair has the best moisture and bouncy when I use this it’s just crazy. I love how my curls look instantly when I use this .

I broke my hair down into four sections and in each section I took smaller sections and used this to really focus on every part of my hair. This process really helps with evenly distributing your curls and making your hair look even all over.

Curls Goddess Curls Botanical Gel :

I rarely like using gel in my hair because of the flakiness and the crunch but with the Curls gel I don’t get any of that what so ever. My hair has so much slip when I use this product and it does not even feel like a feel.

For application of this I just coated the entire section after I was done distributing the Shea butter curls throughout my hair and this made my hair look more shiny and also gave my hair some length!

After applying the products I allowed my hair to dry throughout the day of running errands and my hair did not frizz, flake, or shrink ! Overnight I put a bun up and the next day I had the same results. If you are looking for volume you may have to wait a few days as the products loose the hold onto your hair but I love the definition so much I’m willing to go without volume.

Let me know what y’all think in the comments below and tell me if you ever tried these products before and which one is your favorite .

3 thoughts on “Favorite Wash n Go Products

  1. Ohhh.. I definitely need that shea butter curls product. I currently own the goddess curls and found out that it worked horribly with another curl friendly product, but after seeing your results I think I’ll give it another try. Thanks girly!

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