Natural Hair Empties !

Having natural hair is no joke ! I remember when I started and was not able to find what worked , BUT I did find a lot of products that didn’t , lmao! Being natural is truly a journey in itself and that journey includes products ! In today’s post I’m discussing some products I’ve emptied and my thought on each one .

This spray was very refreshing and smelled good but for some reason I feel like most of Carols Daughters spray empty quickly because it takes a lot of product just to get my hair the nourishment that I desire . With this spray in particular it claimed to give volume but sadly I didn’t not see much of a difference. I just used this spray to refresh my curls in the morning. This collection is exclusively sold at Ulta.

Another Carols Daughter spray that smelled good but did not totally deliver . I love the Almond Milk Line from Carols Daughter because the smell is AMAZING, but her leave in sprays just don’t cut it for me. I really do not see a difference when I use them and like mentioned before it takes a lot to get the moisture I need for my hair. You will run out quickly so I don’t recommend if you have thicker hair or need a lot of hydration.

This has to be my favorite part of my wash day routine because my hair gets so moisturized and has so much slip when I use this product ! After I use it I see so much of a difference with my curls because they curl more and look very moisturized !

I did not see much of a difference with this product when comparing it to the regular 3 minute miracle moist. I believe that they are the same price so you can definitely give this one a go but I did not see a drastic difference with my hair .

I love Africa’s Best products and I loved how this oil has a ton of slip to it but I did not see any difference in how my hair looked. My hair still looked dry when I used this and typically my hair does not do that. When using it in wet hair I notice shine and I still get great slip with my curls.

This butter was very creamy and rich like I like butters to be but for some reason my hair did not take well to it. My styles were not coming out well when I used this . My hair was very nourished but I believe the butter was too thick or I applied too much. I also don’t like the small amount of product that you get with this . I ran through this product very quickly.

I love the garnier whole blends collection and this product is no exception to that. The butter is thick but still has great slip and leave my curls defined and luscious! Nothing to say but great things about this one !

This is a great cowash ifbyour looking for one ! I love the smell, slip, and cleansing I get without the harsh shampoo feeling or suds. This product lasted me a long time and I was using it every middle of the week to refresh my curls .

I love how inexpensive this product is and how great it is to use for a prepoo . I have several deep conditioners from this line and they all work amazing on my curls !

What products have you emptied recently ? Let me know in the comments below .

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