How I Get Defined Curls

My curls are definitely in that stage of wanting to be loose but still having a tight coil to them. I personally loooove to stretch out my curls so this is something that I’ve been liking about my hair, but I do miss my tighter curls and this week I have decided to pay more attention to how I detangle and distribute product in my hair , because believe it or not that makes a huge difference in curl definition, well at least for me it does , lol.

  1. Make sure to desperate your hair

I like to split my hair into four sections (2 sections split up on both sides of my head). This helps with focusing on each section of your hair closely so one side of area does not look better than another.

2. Within each section focus on smaller sections to distribute product

You want to focus as much as you can on small sections f your hair so that you get that definition! This is one of the most important part because although you’ve already deprecated your hair into fours you can still not achieve definition without focusing closely onto tiny sections within those four sections.

3. Finger take your hands throughout your those tiny sections with product

I like to finger raking because you still get definition without having super tight coils , and the product will be distributed better . With a denman or tangle teezer brush my curls tend to get too defined . You will get shrinkage from definition but with finger raking you will achieve definition but more elongation compared to detangling with a brush.

4. Products

I would say use whatever your hair likes best but you do want some product with slip as you will be raking it throughout your hair . I chose to use a butter as my first product to apply because I wanted to coat my ends with something thick, I then added an oil , and lastly a gel. It’s important to use a gel so that your hair keeps this definition for a longer period and your length stays . I like to use gels with slip and ones that are reliable not to flake.

smooth n shine straight gel

5. Do not touch !

Once you go through all of your hair DO NOT TOUCH! Let your hair fully dry so that you will not cause frizz. This is the most important step because most of us get happy and want to play with our hair (at least I can say I do). If you do this in the early part of the day it’s better because your hair will dry throughout the day, but doing this before you go to bed will be hard because your going to be sleeping on it and also tying it up into a bun.

That night I let it dry and put my hair in a pineapple. The next morning it was still a little damp so I diffused it some on low air.

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