Straight Hair Tips & Tricks + Trimming

I straighten my hair about once a year and when I do I make sure to take necessary precautions to keep my hair healthy and also looking good ! In today’s post I want to share with you my tips and tricks on keeping your hair healthy during straightening and also how to get that sleek straight look. I also throw in tip in how I cut my ends .

Healthy Hair Straightening Tips :

  1. Apply protein treatment when washing hair before straightening and when washing hair after straightening to strengthen your hair
  2. Use heat protectant and oil (morrocan , ogx )
  3. Blow dry straight (blow dry creme)

4. Apply heat protect and oil again (focus on ends)

5.Use a proper flat iron (one with titanium is the best for your hair)

6. Do not continue to use heat on your straight hair . Get your hair straight and then no more heat . You don’t want to ruin your curls

7. Continue to oil your hair, especially your ends .

Getting that Sleek Look:

  • You want to use a titanium straightener and one that goes to 450+ heat. I know a lot of naturals are opposed to a lot of heat and that’s okay these are just my tips on how I like to get my hair straight. (P.S. by using the above tips my hair remains healthy and reverts back to my curl pattern well).
  • A trick my mom also taught me is to curl my hair because my hair will wrap better and hug around my head more so that when I unwrap it I have a really nice sleek look.
  • Wrap your hair ! If you don’t know how to do so there are a lot of videos on YouTube , but a short explanation for it is literally wrapping your hair in a circular motion around your head. This will keep your hair nice and straight while you sleep.
  • You plastic wrap around your wrapped hair. This is a trick my mom uses to get your her hair wrapped tight. The tighter your hair is wrapped the better your hair looks when you take it down. Then put your head rag on top of the wrap to seal in your wrapped hair even more .

How I Cut My Ends :

There are a ton of methods to cut your own hair but I like to do this method because it’s the most practical and easiest for me .

Before my ends were cut . You can see how my hair is not even and the scraggly ends .

  1. I section my hair into four sections and then take smaller sections from those sections , comb, and drag the hair in between two fingers until I see the wild scraggly hairs that need to be cut .

2. I use hair cutting scissors because these will give me a good even cut and will not damage my hair.

3. After wards you can tell that my hair is even now and looks more healthier (this image was taken before I wrapped my hair with the plastic wrap so it is a little puffy).

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