Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Now that my straight hair has gotten dirty and looks old I still like to rock the length so I’ve been doing different looks with it before I wash it .

Two strand twist waves :

For this style I did four sections of two strand twists and wrapped them around like a Bantu knot and secured with a rubber band . I left this style in my hair overnight and I did it in the morning. I did not comb my hair out I just lightly detangled with my hands and some oil. If you want more defined waves I do recommend more sections but if your lazy like me then this should do just fine.


As naturals we know that shrinkage can be our worst enemy, and for me, I had doing conrows because my braids won’t look as long or the braids will curls up. Doing conrows on my straight hair gives me that length I love so this is another style I love to rock when my straight hair begins to get dirty.

Braidout :

The conrows really gave me a great braid out and makes my hair look flowy with awesome definition.

Bantu Knot Headband

I love to do creative styles every now and then and this style was super easy to create . I breakdown how I did it on my Instagram (golden_essential) in this post . In the post I also give a tutorial on how I did it as well .

Flexirods :

I notice a lot of people do flexirods on blownout hair and since my hair is now looking like a blowout from the heat I decided to give it a go .

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