Flexirods are a tough thing to master, well for me that is. So when I figured out a good method I knew I had to share it with you all. The first time I did a flexirod set it was in my curly hair . It came out okay but not as great as I wanted it to. This time I did it on blown out / straight hair and the results were way better. My first tip would be to do your flexirod set on blown out hair if your looking for length of course you don’t have to blow out your hair you can stretch it out while hair drying it or doing it on damp hair as well. I also would stick to one to two main products. You want to hair a butter or some product that will glide and stick easily to your rods without being crunchy at the same time(if that makes sense). I used TGIN twist and define cream which is the best for twistouts, braidouts , etc. I also used an oil just to coat my ends and to help with slip.

After applying the products in each section I made sure to brush trough my hair so that it is detangled well and that it will glide onto the rod easily. From previous experience , having undetangked hair on your rod will not give a good outcome with your curls. They will be not as defined and may come out clumpy. Lastly make sure your hair is completely dry before taking down the rods and apply oil to your hands as you detangle the curls. Do not detnagke much as you do not want frizz but for a fuller look just slightly detangle each curl.

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