Straight to Curly ft. Bella Curls

This week I tried some of the Bella Curls line while reverting my hair back to curly after having it straight, before I get into the Bella Curls products I want to talk about the importance of taking care of your curls after having heat on your hair.

I recently found out that applying a protein treatment before and after heat is a major plus, so before putting heat on my hair I did a protein treatment after I washed my hair and then when I washed my hair to go back curly I applied the protein treatment as a pre-poo and left it on for about an hour under a plastic cap. Compared to the last time I went back curly from straight I can tell that doing this helped my hair’s moisture, curl pattern, and overall health.

Next, I recommend using a lot of water on your hair. Your hair has lacked moisture through the heat process and you want to make sure that your doing all that you can to regain that moisture back so applying cool water all throughout your hair (a lot of it) and hydrating products will get your curls poppin like normal.

Lastly I make sure to be very gentle with my hair when detangling and overall styling because your hair is in a fragile state and you do not want to risk loving unnecessary hair because of a heavy hand.

Now that we have our curls back let’s get into the styling …

This post is in collaboration with @theebonytouch (Instagram)we are both reviewing the Bella curls line for our hair textures to see how well they work for natural hair. Make sure to read her post after mine to see how her results were.

Leave in Conditioner and Curl Defining Cream was so moisturizing while applying it to my wet hair while I did a braid out . I had so much slip and it was so easy to detangle my hair (and my hair was TANGLED ! ) . I’m honestly in love with this combo but if you don’t want to get both each one is amazing on its own as well.

The leave in conditioner has the best slip! It’s so moisturizing and feels like a conditioner but without having to rinse out (hence leave in, lol). The creme is so smooth and thick ! I love that this creme actually keeps the moisture in my hair and does actually define my curls .

I heard both products only as my styling for a braidout and these are the results once the braidout was taken down.

After I fluffed my hair out and separated the curls for a fuller look I still had a lot of definition and minimal frizz.

Normally due to humidity my hair gets frizzy and also with time it gets bigger but the definition does go away so I like to apply water and product at night while stretching my hair to add more definition and moisture.

I only applied the creme and it helped my hair with the definition which I loved ! The only down side to this is that I did have a white cast on my hair but I think it’s because I used more creme than water so I would recommend doing something n smaller sections or doing the opposite of what I did.

I also used the leave in conditioner alone and got amazing results as well. I love how the conditioner hold my curls and has more slip which helps glide in my hair butter and also noticeable a white cast like the butter . My curls immediately popped when using this.

The Bella Curls products are an A+ in my book because their claims are for my hair and my hair looks and feels amazing when using them.

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