Smoother Skin w/ Peter Thomas Roth

I am so happy to be partnering with Peter Thomas Roth again to share with you all their Firm X Peeling Gel available at Sephora . This peeling gel comes in two sizes and is for all skin types . Although focusing on dryness this Gel has given me oil controlled skin after use.

With the winter months approaching my skin has began to react differently to the weather change with dry patches, and I have seen great improvement in my skin with the use of the Firm X Peel. My dry patches began around my chin area with also dark marks that have since smoothed out and lightened since the use of this product. It amazed me how such a light exfoliating product could be so powerful but it is and it just goes to show that Peter Thomas Roth cares about protecting your skin with a product that is not harsh against the skin but still provides the results you need and want.

I originally thought this peel gel was a mask but little did I know it would be my go to for light exfoliation and getting rid of dead skin. It was amazing to see what parts of my face needed exfoliating and how afterwards my face seemed more polished and clear.

With over 1,000+ reviews adding up to 4.5 stars on Sephora I have to admit that the reviews done lie. This Firm X peel gives great results , feels amazing on the skin, and is worth every penny!

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