Healthy + Longer Hair

I’m sure all of you have heard that water and vitamins will give you that length that you desire but not too many people show and tell you how to do it. I’ve partned with SBR Nutrition to share with you all how their supplements will help with your hair growth .

Liquid supplements are an easy and effective way to consume your vitamins because ……

1. Liquid is the best way for your body to nourish the vitamins because it takes time for a pill to break down and be absorbed by the body.


2. If pills are hard to swallow for you then liquid supplements are great to take in order for a smoother consumption.

I always forget to take my pills but since SBR Nutrition sent me their liquid supplements it has been more easier for me to obtain my vitamins because it’s quicker and easier to consume.

First things first , water is the key to EVERYTHING , so your skin and hair will thank you for it and your body will overall be more functional with it! SBR’s hydration supplement provides electrolytes and rapid rehydration.

Just like you need water to keep your curls hydrated it’s even better to keep your body hydrated because your curls will naturally be healthy and absorb the water you put in it better , because from the inside out you are hydrated. It’s best to mix this with your water for a better hydration status .

SBR’s Vitamin B-12 is another great supplement for your hair because B-12 is always recommended for hair growth . This vitamin helps with cell reproduction that will help hair breakage as well as healthy skin and nails. This vitamin is also great for hair RE-growth .

SBR’s Biotin lastly is great for hair growth as biotin is a key vitamin for hair growth. Biotin will help with thinning, breakage, loss, and brittle hair . This vitamin is also great for your hair, skin, and nails.

Disclaimers: SBR Nutrition did send me the vitamins in order to test out and review but all options are my own. #sponsored #ad

The benefits from vitamins can vary by individual. It’s important you check to see if you’re deficient in a vitamin before deciding to take supplementation.

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