Stretched out Curls w/ Veracious Curls

How many times have you heard “the shrinkage is real”? That’s because it is ! I get so annoyed with my tight curls and having to stretch them out that it just takes the fun out of being natural sometimes, but I found a solution that helped me and I’m sure is going to help you as well.

Veracious curls is a natural hair brand that has saved my life because my hair stretches within a short amount of time by using their product . Most of the time I have to stretch out my hair with high and low buns for a few days to get the length I want , but not anymore !

Lately I have been using Veracious Curls’ styling cream on wash day and throughout the week. On wash day I use this in combination with oil on damp hair . I end up stretching my hair for that night with braids or twists. Initially when I wake up my hair is not as stretched as I would like but when I stretch my hair for an hour or two more after waking up my curls and stretched to perfection!

I really enjoy the quick length with this product because not only does it save me time but it also is a great natural way to get your curls stretched. No diffusers, no hair dryers just an amazing cream!

If you don’t know already having stretched hair is a form of having dry hair because moisturized hair will shrink. This product does not dry out your hair but it does act as a cream and a gel that will stretch your hair out.

So far I’ve been using this nonstop and have been loving the results. If your curls are tight like mine (3b-3c) then you will love this product. Go give Veracious Curls a follow on instagram and check out their other products as well.

Do you have a hard time getting stretched out curls ? Let’s talk about it .

Veracious curls did send me this product to test out and review but all opinions are my own.

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