Fall Skincare Routine

Recently my products in my skincare routine have changed and I have found the right routine that is working for me for the change in weather . I love having a perfect skincare routine to ensure a clean face for morning and night.

I always use my Foreo Luna Mini to clean my face morning and night. I highly recommend this product over the Clarisonic because you do not have to replace brush heads, the battery lasts longer, and it’s compact for travel. I had the Clarisonic before getting the Foreo and it was difficult to constantly repurchase brush heads and it was always very bulky to fit when I traveled.

The biggest thing that I changed about my skincare routine is my morning routine, because I wash my face in the morning now . I used to just wipe my face with a wet wash cloth but now I use my facial cleanser that I use at night to clean my face as well. I have noticed a significant change in the oil I produce during the day and also with any acne that I have because washing my face in the morning is clearing any oil from the night before that I have produced.

1 . Cleansing Oil : I normally use a cleansing oil first if I am wearing makeup that day. Currently I am using the Palmers oil , and I just switch up the brands I use based on what deal I see or what brand I want to try next. For the most part this oil does take off my makeup and if you want a little more activation you can wet your face with the oil on for emulsification. Another great cleansing oil is the Too Cool for School Cleansing Oil .

2. Facial Wash: I switch up my face wash as well but I am currently using the Neutrogena Grapefruit Cleanser . I like how this cleanses my face without leaving it really dry and the scent is amazing !

3. Toner : I have been sticking to this toner from Shea Moisture for the longest and it’s been so good to me . I love how it’s in spray form and how refreshed I feel after using it .

4. Eye Cream : Kiehls

5. Moisturizer: I use two different moisturizers for morning and night but you can definitely use either of the two mentioned for both times. The Belief moisturizer is great for oily skin type and really helps with mattifying my face during the day BUT it keeps me hydrated as well which is very nice too! For during the night I use the Ponds dry skin cream for extra hydration .

*Optional/ As Needed*

Mario Budescu Drying Lotion for pop up pimples .

Glam Glow SuperMud Mask (oily skin, acne spot treatment).

Other Masks/ Mask Brands I love :

– Walmart has great masks that are 2 for $5 . I always stock up on these and use them as needed .

– I love neutrogena a hydro boost mask for great hydration if I’m feeling dry and it will definitely come in handy for the cooler months ahead.

I hope this helps if your trying to find a good skincare routine or just want to try out some new skincare goodies ! I will be doing a dry skin skincare post as well so stay tuned for that ! Talk to you all in my next post , muah !

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