Cantu ACV Rinse Review

Lately I have been holding off on hair posts because I have been keeping my hair protected under a wig with braids. I have found this to be a good way for me to grow my hair and also allow my hair to breath since I am able to take the wig off and on.

Although I do have the benefits of ventilation for my hair I still end up having dandruff build up and itchy scalp. Recently I picked up Cantu’s ACV Root Rinse which is designed to give you a good wash without the need to take down your protective style. Since my hair is braided I have had dandruff get caught up under my braids so this was right up my alley to test out .

  • I want to first start off by saying that I love the applicator. The tube top really helped me get the product underneath my braids and along my scalp.
  • I did like that immediately upon application my scalp began to tingle and that made me notice that the product was actually working.
  • The wash was invigorating and made my scalp feel fresh because of the tingling sensation during the wash and after rinsing it out . I didn’t use a lot and I barely scrubbed the product in because I didn’t want to ruin my braids as much and I still feel like I got a good wash.
  • I DID NOT LIKE that my eyes began to burn when using this product. As I was applying the product to my scalp and rinsing my hair it became hard for my eyes to stay open and I’m sure that is because of the strength of the product .
  • I do feel like this is something that can be made at home so I wouldn’t say that I highly recommend and also I did not appreciate the effect it had on my eyes.

Overall my scalp did feel fresh and was moderately clean. I do recommend if you want something pre made , would benefit from the applicator top , and if you want a good clean that won’t take long .

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