New Years Resolution : Better Hair !

Hey Golden’s, I’m back today to share how I immediately met my hair goals . This year I vowed that I would focus on growing my hair by wearing protective styles . I began this hair growth journey at the end of 2018 and I’m looking forward in continuing to do so in 2019.

My protective style of choice is wearing weaves/wigs. I love how I can switch from style to style and keep my hair braided underneath. This is especially important for me during the harsh winter months.

I normally like to get my weaves or wigs in person so I can feel the texture and also see how the wigs may look on me . I get super nervous about shopping online for hair because you just don’t know how it will come out and if it will fit your standards, but that thought changed when I received hair complimentary from Divatress because I was sooo impressed by the service and the outcome of the hair I chose.

This hair company sells numerous amounts of different types of hair wigs included. I was happy to get two wigs from this site to level up on my wig game as well as switch to a new style for the new year.

Both of the wigs I got were synthetic wigs from two different brands. One of the brands were Bobbi Boss and the other was from Vivica A. Fox. I was impressed by the fast shipping and the great packaging when I got the wigs. Once I opened them I soon found out that both can be flat ironed up to a certain heat which was good and the textures on both of the hair was as soft as a baby’s bottom!

Overall I am impressed with :

  • Clips within the cap for easy removal
  • Minimum to no shedding at all
  • Safe for flatiron use
  • Great texture (super soft and manageable)
  • Length and cut of both of the wigs were amazing , no touch ups needed for trim
  • Natural lookin part (not to wide or narrow)
  • Perfect Color match
  • Withstands weather (like rain) and does not tangle during workouts .

Bobbi Boss Synthetic Swiss Lace Front Wig – MLF-307 Precious

This has to be my favorite out of the two wigs because I have been wanting a bob for THE LONGEST, but never could find one that fit the look that I was going for. This one was cut the best and has amazing texture !

Color – 2 Dark Brown

Vivica A. Fox Synthetic Swiss Lace Front Wig – Hebe

Amazing texture and natural looking curls. I combed the curls out a bit for a looser wave but overall I love how the hair came and the texture of it .

Color- 1B Off Black

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